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there are going to be incredible commercial uses. google has started using them to assist in operations in other countries not yet in the united states. they are going to be used commercially and as i said my opening statement that creates new challenges as well. >> that comes against the laws and according to congressional research, they have fresh ignition technology but are these advanced features and how do you see this being developed? either they could ask you, mr. toscano. >> it is no different than the technology that exists today. there is no leap taken place in the introduction of a uas. the concerns you have that we can do the things that a low cost is the same thing that caused the economic benefits in what we see at the utilization. so it is something we have to address because there's a huge upside to this technology and because of that, you cannot stop people from misusing any technology, just like the facial recognition, thermal imaging. if you misuse it, you should be punished. >> i just don't think the laws have caught up with mr. technology. >> i may be the issue we should be
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1